Cluster B?

Generally speaking personality disorders exist in four categories. Cluster A, B, C, and unspecified.

Each of the three clusters represent disorders that share similar, and sometimes overlapping characteristics, including to the point of comorbidity within a given cluster.

Cluster B disorders in women are the focus of this website and are described as dramatic, emotional, erratic disorders. They are often the most predatory and can be more difficult to identify than other mental health issues.

Women who possess these disorders will often be exceptionally manipulative, cunning, attractive, impulsive, exciting, seductive, and seemingly insightful. They can and will make men fee like the most “alpha badasses” that have ever lived.

To a greater extent than cluster A and C disorders, cluster B disorders clash hardest with the mainstream social, cultural, politically fem-correct narrative that women are angels, and somehow more pure and virtuous than men.

Mythological sirens and succubuses likely originate or were influenced by cluster B disordered women of the past.