FemalePsychopath.com is a not-for-profit website dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of dangerous personalities in women. Specific regard is given for how these women operate in the sexual marketplace, how they interact with men overall, and how every man can better navigate the sexual marketplace with this new understanding in mind.

This website is not focused on any one particular personality disorder or mental health issue in women, rather, it is broadly focused on those issues from the perspective of risk management for men. Danger is danger regardless of evolving diagnostic criteria, ongoing research, debate, classifications, and so on.

FemalePsychopath.com is intended to be the ultimate online resource for men to learn about these issues, exchange notes, and focus knowledge in this area to a single, easily accessible (and shareable) hub.

Many authors within and outside of the manosphere have written at length about women with dangerous personalities, but never before have those ideas been concentrated into a single location, until now.