Surviving the Female Narcissist: A Deconstruction by Richard Grannon

About Richard Grannon

Richard Grannon is damn serious. A Master Practitioner in NLP, he’s dedicated to helping people defend themselves and get on their feet after narcissistic abuse. He trained under one of the well known founders of NLP, Richard Bandler while studying psychology in college.

With his website,, he provides free knowledge, paid coaching, and courses on discipline, self assertiveness, and of course, narcissistic abuse and how to handle it.

Presentation Overview

In this speech, Richard discusses the DSM-5 (the APA’s tool of choice for diagnosing mental disorders) and outlines the definition of narcissism and related disorders such as BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), HPD (Histrionic Personality Disorder), and ASPD (Anti-Social Personality Disorder). He dives into the symptoms, causes, and outcomes associated with these disorders in both women and men.

Richard outlines his theories and opinions on the ways these disorders play out in both genders including assumptions commonly made because of social conditioning. Men are frequently targeted by women with narcissistic personality disorders who project their own disorders onto alphas they believe have narcissistic characteristics, despite inconsistencies with scientific literature.

By watching this speech, you’ll learn more about each disorder, what the actual characteristics of the disorder are, and how to distinguish conditions from one another. You’ll learn about warning signs and how to avoid narcissistic abuse in dating and relationships, and have a basic understanding of red flags telling you to close the door and never look back.

What’s Next?

Find out more by watching legendary speech, “Marrying Medusa”. Richard references this speech by Anthony Dream Johnson, owner of this site and founder of 21 Studios and The 21 Convention during the speech. Find out more about Anthony’s story and reflections at the link below:

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The Red Man Group on 21 Live Episode #20 – Full Show Notes

While I already linked this podcast on the opening post, I thought this episode of The Red Man Group was worth a more extensive breakdown.

Thanks to “RP_Mamba” that’s easier than ever. His time stamp notes for the entire show are as follows.

  • 0:00 intros
  • 9:50 Defining Terms
  • 18:30 Can BPD be treated?
  • 25:30 What are the early signs of BPD?
  • 33:50 Are BPD behaviors just normal female behaviors?
  • 40:05 Rollo’s BPD Story
  • 47:46 Anthony’s Medusa Story
  • 50:30 BPD Control / Carl’s BPD Story
  • 57:30 Why don’t men spot BPD more easily?
  • 1:01:27 Where does BPD come from?
  • 1:09:45 Caller #1 (BPD self-mutilation)
  • 1:15:47 Caller #2 (Avoid BPD at all costs)
  • 1:18:04 How does Ovulatory Shift affect BPD?
  • 1:19:39 Caller #3 (How do distinguish BPD idealizing from normal compliments)
  • 1:30:56 Caller #4 (High-Value woman or BPD?)
  • 1:38:04 Training Women
  • 1:48:50 Caller #5 (Had Kids with a BPD)
  • 2:02:02 Exiting BPD relationships
  • 2:15:36 You only have 1 life, don’t waste it
  • 2:16:17 Caller #6 (Should we act blue-pill at work and avoid relationships with co-workers)
  • 2:21:24 Does Alpha game work on BPD women?
  • 2:24:39 Why does the military seem to attract BPD women?

To use the log notes more easily you can click through and select them from the comments section directly on YouTube.

Book and essay links

A selection of books and articles mentioned in the show.


For fans of the show, we’ve been discussing an episode 2 of this topic for RMG since before #20 even aired. Stay tuned to the show on Twitter for all upcoming announcements.



Understanding Dangerous Personalities in Women

Two and a half years ago I ended a relationship and unofficial marriage with a woman who I believe has one or more personality disorders, as recognized in modern medicine and psychology. This led to a personal journey of understanding what the hell just happened, building and sharing a presentation on that experience, and soon after discovering “The Red Pill” community through the work of manosphere icon Rollo Tomassi.

During my research leading up to the presentation, I realized that statistically, millions of other men must have similar experiences to my own, and yet, there was no comprehensive body of knowledge for men to discover regarding these issues, specific to women.

To the contrary, there was a real gap in organized knowledge for understanding dangerous personalities in women. Often what I read – and what we see in media – seemed to focus on the male versions of these individuals, or alternatively, homogenized the sexes into a unified behavior pattern without a second thought.

The Red Pill community helped me understand and appreciate that human beings are a sexually dimorphic species with biology, behavior, psychology, and evolutionary history specific to each gender. Essentially, as the late Andrew the Private Man was fond of saying, men and women are different – and dangerous personalities are not automatically immune to or above this difference.

In fact, they may exaggerate and amplify those differences to unreal levels.

Combined with my own history in the manosphere as a builder and organizer, I was a little annoyed that nothing of this sort existed, and decided that it was time something did. I knew for a fact from my own experience that a young Anthony Johnson would have benefited from such a resource, and that if I would have, so can countless other men – young and old alike.

To my surprise this domain,, was up for grabs… and here we are today years later.

The time gap in opening this website boiled down to two issues.

1) Timing

2) Long range interest

On July 7th 2018 we streamed on the 21 Studios YouTube channel what is being hailed as one of the best Red Man Group podcasts to date. It was the lineup and topic focus I had been waiting for, understanding dangerous personalities in women. And it provided exactly the sort of enthusiasm and masculine camaraderie I had hoped for in zeroing in on this area of life as a man.

While not directly linked to, it was the perfect kick start. Check it out below.

On the second item, I wanted to fundamentally test my own long range interest in female psychopaths and other dangerous female personalities, rather than just respond to a highly toxic but limited experience in my own life.

All jokes about crazy bitches aside, I can safely say that 2.5 years later, I still respect the danger that women of this sort represent to men – myself included. Further, I recognize the ongoing need to raise awareness with these subjects, and improve available resources, knowledge, and tools for men of every age, race, religion, relationship status, and so on.

Beyond even that, educated men are powerful men. With better information, we can help safeguard our brothers, sons, grandsons, cousins, and friends from women who represent danger above and beyond the standard risks of divorce, STDs, false criminal allegations, unintended pregnancy, and so on. At minimum, we can point them in the right direction when in need.

I’ve also discussed this project with manosphere authors like Black Label Logic and Rollo Tomassi, and even many years/decades past their own relevant experiences, they too recognize the need for a resource dedicated to these ideas and issues. One where the issues are of primary focus, taken seriously, and with your real day to day life as a man in mind.

Speaking of Carl and Rollo, I’ve invited both of them to be contributing authors on this site at their discretion, as well as Dr. Shawn T. Smith, and potentially in the future additional authors such as Joe Navarro, ex-FBI special agent, whose book Dangerous Personalities helped inspire the creation of this site, and recognize the very need for it in the first place.

While this site is still obviously in its infancy at the time of publishing this article, I firmly believe that it will grow over time into something substantial and truly remarkable that thousands, and perhaps millions of men will benefit from. Either in understanding their own prior experiences with women, or by preventing negative, toxic, and dangerous ones in the first place.

Stay tuned for upcoming essays from contributing authors, both imported from their pre-existing blogs to centralize the information into one place, as well as original content, and even more video content (speeches, podcasts, interviews, and more).

In the meantime be sure to drop by the recommended resources tab for further education.

– Anthony Dream Johnson